About Us

Our Mission
The NTK Institute is dedicated to helping physicians reduce information overload by identifying the most clinically-relevant, Need-To-Know science from the ever-expanding volume of medical literature published daily.

About the NTK Institute
In 1950, the total amount of medical knowledge was expected to double every 50 years. Today, it takes just 73 days.* How can any physician keep up while managing the hectic pace of practice? The NTK Institute was founded to solve this challenge. Using advanced algorithms, the NTK Institute sorts and ranks clinical content based on hundreds of datapoints, including physician ratings, to identify the Need-To-Know science most essential to medical practice.

Our Newsletters
The NTK Institute comprises 1 million+ physicians worldwide who subscribe to its email newsletters, which provide full access to Need-To-Know science from more than 2,000 peer-reviewed journals.

  • NTK Today identifies the Need-To-Know science across 73 specialties, delivering a short list of medical developments most worthy of your time and attention.  
  • NTK Dispatch identifies the Need-To-Know science presented at top national and international conferences, delivering the most essential news as it unfolds.    

*Densen P. Challenges and opportunities facing medical education. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2011;122:48–5